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Welcome to our Physics Video Exams and Tutorials site. We designed 125 Physics Video Exams with Tutorials in high quality MP4 movie format, which include 1860 original problems. They were made with the main goal of motivating physics students to become superior problem solvers in kinematics, dynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, and in all the chapters studied in AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2. The videos were designed in such a way that all the students are constantly challenged and encouraged to give their best to solve every physics problem presented to them. A motivating factor for the students is that they have the opportunity of comparing the work they do with the step-by-step solution displayed by the video. We believe that by using our videos, physics students will become better problem solvers and will be more motivated to excel in physics.

We created two types of videos. The first type of video is a Video Exam with Tutorial, in which every problem in the topic is presented as a multiple choice question for the student to answer. After 10 seconds, the correct answer and the step-by-step solution are shown. The second type of video is a Video Exam, basically a multiple choice exam, with seven seconds between questions, in which the answer key is presented at the end of the exam. The Video Exams can be used to evaluate how well the students learned the problems shown in the Video Exams with Tutorials. Both types of videos present the same problems, but in the Video Exams the problems and the five choices have been scrambled. Please keep in mind that in both videos the PAUSE and PLAY buttons of the computer or remote control have to be pressed periodically, in order for the students to have enough time to work out each problem.

In order to get an idea about the products we have designed, please take a look at the thumbnail videos in GIF format located on the right side. The videos we are selling are in high quality MP4 video format, and they look very good. They use the full screen and fluctuate in size between 30 MB and 450 MB. These videos are an excellent tool to gain problem solving experience and complement the work teachers do in the classroom. If you wish to purchase any of these videos, you need to visit Teachers Pay Teachers. The link of each video in Teachers Pay Teachers is shown below. Please read the description to gain additional information.

To play and watch all the MP4 videos we created, we highly recommend the use of the VLC Media Player. VLC is an excellent media player, and it is free. In addition, VLC runs on all versions of Windows, from Windows XP SP3 to the last version of Windows 11. The link to download VLC is This link is also found at the bottom of this page. To have a solid idea about the quality of the video we created, right now you can play and download completely free a Video Exam with Tutorial about Newton's Laws of Motion, for you to try with your students. It is in MP4 movie format and contains 10 problems, which provides at least 30 minutes of problem solving instruction. The size of the video is 25 MB. To play and download this free video please select the following link:

Click here to Play and Download the File Newton's Laws 10Q.    ...then select Open.

The different video products available are shown below:

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      Academic Level: Honors, AP Physics 1 and 2

      Requirements: PC or Mac computer, Smart TV, and VLC Media player
    • Link to Download the VLC Media Player - It is Free
    • All files are in MP4 video format
    • Links to MP4 Videos Available in Teachers Pay Teachers:

    • Electric Charge [ 30 problems ]
    • Electric Field and Capacitance [ 50 ]
    • Electric Energy and DC Circuits [ 36 ]
    • Electric Circuits [ 40 ]
    • Magnetic Field [ 42 ]
    • People and Discoveries [ 20 ]


      Academic Level: Regular and Honors Physics

      Requirements: PC or Mac computer, Smart TV, and VLC Media player
    • Link to Download the VLC Media Player - It is Free
    • All files are in MP4 video format
    • Links to MP4 Videos Available in Teachers Pay Teachers:

    • Newton's Laws [ 88 problems ]
    • Link to Newton's Laws Video Exam and Tutorial in TpT
      88 Problems - $27.30

    • Units [ 22 ]
    • Mass and Weight [ 4 ]
    • Pulleys [ 22 ]
    • Static Equilibrium [ 14 ]
    • Friction [ 12 ]
    • Inclined Planes [ 36 ]
    • Torque [ 10 ]

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      To purchase any physics video shown above you need to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers website. The link to TpT and our email address are the following:

      Physics Videos in Teachers Pay Teachers

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